Welcome to The Garden Preschool Academy!  We are so honored that you have chosen us for your child’s educational needs.  Our goal is to provide a nurturing environment with quality educational opportunities to help kids succeed.  We provide a faith-based program and we provide an environment where both you and your child feel comfortable and safe while allowing them to explore and learn.  We hope that every child and family feels welcomed and important.

In order for families and children to feel safe and welcome in our school, we have an open door policy at The Garden Preschool.  This gives parents the opportunity to see what their child does at school, meet the teachers, and discuss any problems or concerns they may have.  We also encourage parents to inform us of any issues at school or home that may affect the child while at school.  Any that are shared with the staff will be kept private and confidential.

We have our fenced in area for outdoor activities completed.

Thank you again for choosing us.  We look forward to the start of a new journey with you and your child.